Why bother by some other’s deadline?
BuddiGo empowers you with Buddies to solve your daily needs. With Buddies online around the clock, you can place orders anytime anywhere
From getting your lunch, deliver a parcel or even shop as-you-wish. Buddies are here to solve your daily needs and perform tasks at highest quality.
No deadline. No limitations. Time to enjoy your life.
01 - FOOD
No limitations. Enjoy your favourite food from over 10,000+ local restaurants.
Ranging from local snack food to rich dinner meal, BuddiGo help me out in delivering my favorite food to my workplace or home.
Too busy to go out? Sit back and have Buddies to buy your favourites!
BuddiGo FAQ
What is BuddiGo?
BuddiGo is a revolutionary platform to solve your daily needs. Buddies provide concierge and delivery service to help you buy, deliver and perform tasks within standard time to give you hassle-free living.
How does it work?
You can make service request via BuddiGo app, available on iOS and Android app store. Simply state what you want to buy or deliver in our app, BuddiGo will match your request to available buddies nearby, and get ready to run errands for you.
Who is Buddi (Our Partners)?
A Buddi is a registered and trained partners to solve your daily trivia or delivery issues.
How do we calculate service fees?
We consider different scenarios to add up the total service fee, including number of surrounding Buddies, travel distance, weather and time, etc.
What if I want to add something to my service request?
You can list it in the Remarks field, our Buddies will do their best to fulfil your request.
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