User FAQ

What is BuddiGo?

BuddiGo is a revolutionary platform to solve your daily needs. Buddies provide concierge and delivery service to help you buy, deliver and perform tasks within standard time to give you hassle-free living.

How does it work?

You can make service request via BuddiGo app, available on iOS and Android app store. Simply state what you want to buy or deliver in our app, BuddiGo will match your request to available buddies nearby, and get ready to run errands for you.

Who is Buddi (Our Partners)?

A Buddi is a registered and trained partners to solve your daily trivia or delivery issues.

How do we calculate service fees?

We consider different scenarios to add up the total service fee, including number of surrounding Buddies, travel distance, weather and time, etc.

What if I want to add something to my service request?

You can list it in the Remarks field, our Buddies will do their best to fulfil your request.

What is “Pay-for-item cost” listed in Grocery feature?

When you place an order in BuddiGo, you can request Buddi to buy things for you. The required prepayment will be deducted in your credit cards or electronic payment accounts as deposit, and return to you when:
1. You have paid back the purchase amount to your Buddi in CASH or other means, and;
2. 1) By the end of the day after order completion, we have not received any disputes regarding the order.

What should I do if my goods are being damaged during the task?

BuddiGo covers goods damaged during the process at maximum HKD$500. If any accident happen, please contact our customer service center immediately and provide photo evidence on the damaged good.

Is there any weight and size limit for each task?

The weight limit is up to 6kg for each order, while the size limit is up to 50cm in either length, width, or height.

Why should I use ECoin?

We offer special discount by using ECoin, please stay tuned for updates.

What is my rights in using BuddiGo’s service?

BuddiGo provides full coverage on legal policies, ensuring clients and service providers to deal in a fair, moral, and honest environment. For further details on terms and conditions, please refer to our T&C and privacy statements.

What are BuddiGo’s operating hours?

You can make service request anytime via our app. For our customer service hotline, our office hour is on Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm.

What if something is wrong with my order?

We have a dedicated team that looks after your entire experience. However, we do understand that sometimes things might go wrong. If this is the case, please speak to our customer service team and report any issues at (email) or on (Tel).

What should I do if my Buddi is severely late?

We value your feedback. Please call and report the issue to BuddiGo immediately.

What if I’m not sure of my delivery and pick-up address?

You can make use of the locational service we built-in, or search your address in our app to choose the exact locations.

Are tunnel fees included in the quoted price?

Yes. All fees are included in the quoted price.

What kind of restaurants are listed on BuddiGo?

You deserve to enjoy your favourite foods. That’s why BuddiGo does not set any limitation on restaurant selection. Simply select the restaurant that you crave for and Buddies will bring you your favourite meal.

What happens if an item is out of stock?

Our Buddies will contact you from the store to suggest a substitute similar in price and quantity to your original choice. If your Buddies can’t reach you, we won’t buy the substitute.

How does BuddiGo refund charges for out of stock items?

Your card is only charged after you receive your delivery. If an item is out of stock, your receipt will be adjusted.