Buddi FAQ

What is a Buddi?

Buddi is a registrar that helps others to buy, and/or delivery goods.

Who can register as a Buddi?

Anyone over the age of 18 who has a Hong Kong resident status can apply to become a Buddi.

What should I do before I start accepting tasks?

1. Please read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement
2. Register a new account on BuddiGo (Distributor Edition)
3. Take a close look at BuddiGo's training materials

How long does it take to register my account?

After submitting an application, it usually takes 2 working days for approval.

How do I start accepting tasks in BuddiGo?

We suggest you to bring the Buddi Kit with you, and click “Online” in BuddiGo app to receive task anytime, anywhere.

How do I get paid?

Your income after deducting commissions will be settled weekly through bank transfer. At the same time, you can view your task records and income details in BuddiGo app.

How does BuddiGo calculate my income?

We consider different real-time factors to calculate income for each task, including number of Buddies available nearby, distance, weather, time.. and so on.

Do I have to prepay for my customers?

It is at your discretion to decide whether a prepayment request is accepted in a task. However, we recommend you to accept prepayment request to improve the chance of getting a task.
If you accept a prepayment request, please collect reimbursement directly from customer upon completion of delivery. BuddiGo has an all-rounded mechanism to protect both customers and Buddies from disputes.

What should I do if I fail to collect my prepayment from the customer?

Buddi shall collect your prepayment from the customer in cash unless otherwise agreed.
In the event that Buddi fails to collect their prepayment from the customer, BuddiGo will fully compensate the Buddi after receiving relevant payment proof (such as receipts, photo of the goods and any other relevant certificates). The maximum amount of compensation is HK$500.

Will my personal information be disclosed?

BuddiGo has a comprehensive privacy policy to ensure Buddi's information is properly protected. BuddiGo will only discloses personal information that is necessary operation, such as Buddi's nickname, mobile number and BuddiGo account number. For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

What is the weight limit of the goods?

Under normal circumstances, BuddiGo restricts customers from sending or requesting purchases of items over 6kg. When the goods are overweight, Buddi has the right to reject the task and report it to us. In general, we recommend that you accept a tolerance of 0.5 kg, however no extra cost will be borne by BuddiGo for such task.

How to ensure the legality of the goods?

Customer (the sender) should clearly describe or specify all goods that need to be delivered or purchased in the task details. The sender will be responsible for ensuring the legality of all goods. Buddi can make a surface or unpacking check in front of the sender if needed. Buddi should not deliver or purchase any goods that are different from those described in the task.

What is the impact of my rating?

Continuous low rating may result in account being suspended. On the other hand, high-rated accounts can enjoy higher job priorities, more equipment and better job opportunities.

What is misleading, dishonest, unethical order?

Buddi must comply with our Terms of Use. For any misleading, dishonest or unethical conduct in the course of the task, BuddiGo reserves the right to suspend the concerned account and to claim damages to the affected party.

What is Buddi monitoring system?

Before you can get an order, you must click to go “Online”. Once you are online, your lƒocation will be tracked by the app to ensure transparency and efficiency of delivery.