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BuddiGo FAQ
What is a Buddi?
Buddi is a registrar that helps others to buy, and/or delivery goods.
Who can register as a Buddi?
Anyone over the age of 18 who has a Hong Kong resident status can apply to become a Buddi.
What should I do before I start accepting tasks?
1. Please read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement
2. Register a new account on BuddiGo (Distributor Edition)
3. Take a close look at BuddiGo's training materials
How long does it take to register my account?
After submitting an application, it usually takes 2 working days for approval.
How do I start accepting tasks in BuddiGo?
We suggest you to bring the Buddi Kit with you, and click “Online” in BuddiGo app to receive task anytime, anywhere.
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